Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New York State Senator Uses "Alternative Facts" to Promote Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes

A New York State senator - Brad Hoylman (D-Manhattan) - has introduced legislation to ban the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes in New York. To promote this ban, he argued that cigarette companies are seducing kids to vape by selling fruit punch, gummy bear, and cotton candy e-cigarettes: "Kids are attracted to the numerous flavors that the cigarette companies are selling, such as fruit punch, gummy bear, cotton candy."

The Rest of the Story

Senator Hoylman's position is based on "alternative facts," or what prior to 2016 would have more simply been called a "lie."

Not a single one of the tobacco companies is producing gummy bear, cotton candy, or fruit punch e-cigarettes.

Altria's MarkTen e-cigarettes come in four flavors: classic (tobacco), menthol, fusion, and winter mint. Their MarkTen XL Bold e-cigarettes only come in two flavors: classic and menthol.

R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company's Vuse e-cigarettes come in seven flavors: original, mint, melon, nectar, berry, chai, and crema.

Imperial Brands' blu e-cigarettes come in 14 flavors: tobacco, menthol, vanilla, cherry, blueberry, peach schnapps, strawberry mint, Carolina bold, pina colada, mint chocolate, glacier mint, caramel cafe, gold leaf, and berry cobbler.

British American Tobacco's Vype e-cigarettes come in 12 basic flavor types: tobacco, apple, master blend, vanilla, mint, wild berry, green snap, scarlet kick, indigo dive, dark cherry, oriental spice, and rich aniseed.

Thus, not a single one of the tobacco companies are producing gummy bear, cotton candy, or fruit punch e-cigarettes.

The cotton candy, gummy bear, and fruit punch flavors of e-liquids are being produced by independent companies that have nothing to do with Big Tobacco. However, that apparently does not make a good enough story to support this legislation. So instead of just telling the truth, the senator decided to lie and tell people that Big Tobacco is the culprit for marketing these flavors.

This is not just bad legislation because it is based on a lie. It is bad legislation because if enacted, it would have a devastating effect on the public's health. Removing flavored e-cigarettes from the market is tantamount to a complete ban on e-cigarettes. There are literally millions of adults who use flavored e-cigarettes to stay off real cigarettes. Banning these products would result in tens of thousands of ex-smokers returning to smoking. It would also prevent quit attempts by many current smokers who are just not attracted by tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes. 

Any legislation so weak that you have to lie to support it is clearly not worth voting for. I hope the state Senate in New York sends this bill to a quick defeat.

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