Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Update: American Legacy Foundation Award to Time Inc. Encouraging Progress, As Promised

This week's issue of Sports Illustrated, a Time Inc. publication, demonstrates tremendous progress regarding cigarette advertising. Perhaps this is the progress that the American Legacy Foundation spoke of when it defended its award to Time Inc. by claiming that the award was to "encourage progress" rather than "reward success."

The Rest of the Story

The progress displayed in this week's Sports Illustrated is one of the most beautiful, clever, attractive, and youth-appealing cigarette magazine advertisements I have ever seen: a four-page spread for Camel Turkish Silver, described as "the mellowist" Camel ever.

I hope that the American Legacy Foundation is taking some pride in this tremendous accomplishment for the youth of America by Legacy's number one corporate partner.

Congratulations to Time Inc. and the American Legacy Foundation: corporate partners and modern heroes in tobacco control!

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