Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Study Reveals Deadly Effects of Swedish Moist Snuff Use

A new study conducted by researchers from the Institute of Environmental Medicine of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and presented last Friday at a scientific conference reveals that far from being a safe alternative to smoking as some anti-smoking advocates have been claiming, the use of Swedish moist snuff is actually a deadly product that substantially increases the risk of death from heart attacks.

According to the study, snuff users who consumed one box or more per day were more than twice as likely to suffer a fatal heart attack.

This longitudinal study was a large one, with a sample of 117,000 men who were followed for between 8 and 23 years. Only men who had never smoked and who had no history of heart attack were included in the study.

The Rest of the Story

This study dispels the myth that somehow, Swedish moist snuff is a relatively safe, hazard-free alternative to cigarette smoking. It clearly is not.

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