Friday, April 11, 2008

Unfair and Discriminatory Treatment of Smokers and Groupthink in Tobacco Control: My Second Interview on FORCES International Roundtable

My second interview with Gian Turci of FORCES International was posted online today. It focuses on two issues.

First, we discuss the increasing worldwide trend of employment discrimination against smokers. Increasingly, companies are implementing policies of refusing to hire smokers (or even to fire existing employees who smoke). We also cover the issue of doctors or hospitals refusing to treat smokers, even when that treatment is medically indicated.

Second, we discuss the groupthink mentality in the tobacco control movement and the resulting inability of the movement to tolerate any dissent. I share personal experiences with the suppression of dissenting opinions, attacks against those who do choose to express their dissent, and the censorship of dissenting opinions within the movement.

I hope The Rest of the Story readers will enjoy listening to this interview.

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