Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Top Ten Reader-Submitted Statements About FDA Approval of Tobacco Products Provide Golden Public Relations Opportunities for Tobacco Companies

Here are the top 10 entries submitted in The Rest of the Story's contest for best public relations statement that tobacco companies will be able to make if the FDA tobacco legislation is enacted by Congress:

1. "We've come a long way baby ... FDA approved." (Submitted by Gilster)

2. "Tobacco is FDA approved and insuring the health care of millions." (Submitted by EinsteinSmoked)

3. "Manufactured under US government regulations, We couldn't make them any safer." (Submitted by Kevin)

4. "10 out of 10 FDA officials approve of this product" (Submitted by Gilster)

5. "FDA approved - for your smoking pleasure" (Submitted by Gilster)

6. "FDA Seal of Approval (better than Good Housekeeping)" (Submitted by Gilster)

7. "Ask not what the Country can do for you, Ask what you can do for Your Country...Smoke FDA approved cigarettes!" (Submitted by ladyraj)

8. "Cigarettes - regulated and safety approved by the FDA. Legislation courtesy of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids." (Submitted by Soren)

9. "Be a patriot, smoke FDA approved cigarettes ... your country needs you!" (Submitted by ladyraj)

10. "We don't want your kids to smoke. But if they do, you can rest assured that our cigarettes are manufactured to comply with the strictest safety standards set by the federal Food and Drug Administration." (Submitted by Michael Siegel)

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