Saturday, June 13, 2009

Praise of FDA Tobacco Bill by President Obama, Representative Waxman, and New FDA Chief Countered by Rest of the Story Author in Reuters News Story

It looks like it was lowly me being left to counter President Obama, Representative Waxman, and new FDA-chief Margaret Hamburg in their praise of the FDA tobacco legislation and how it is going to create safer cigarettes, keep tobacco out of the hands of youths, and save lives.

The Reuters news article is here.

The key thing, however, is that we are succeeding in getting the "rest of the story" out there. Due to our aggressive media outreach this past week (and I am grateful to the communications offices and staff at Boston University and the BU School of Public Health for all of their help), we succeeded in getting our version of the story out there. While it doesn't dominate the media coverage, at least this alternative perspective is presented and considered, and the public is hearing that there is, in fact, another side to the story.

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