Monday, June 11, 2012

More Hypocrisy from Bloomberg: It's OK to Possess an Ounce of Marijuana But Not 17 Ounces of Soda

Fresh off of his induction into the Colonel Benjamin Church Hypocrisy Hall of Shame, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced last week that he supports decriminalizing the possession of 25 grams or less of marijuana.

The Rest of the Story

It is important to note that 25 grams of marijuana is about an ounce. That's the equivalent of 56 joints. It doesn't seem to me that the possession of this quantity of marijuana is indicative of just mild, recreational use of the drug. If you ever catch me with 56 joints, you'll know that I'm up to something more than just blowing a few sticks during my lunch break.

On the other hand, possession of 17 ounces of soda seems quite harmless. It could represent nothing more than being seriously thirsty on a hot summer day. I doubt that anyone possessing 20 ounces of soda is in the business of selling smaller quantities of that soda to youths on the street.

So let's get this straight. Under Bloomberg's proposals, it would be OK to possess an ounce of marijuana, enough to make 56 joints or make a profit from selling youth gash, but not OK to possess 17 ounces of soda?

Is this sending the right message to New York City youth? That it's OK to blast a roach, but not to drink a large soda? That it's OK to get a gage up, but not to quench your thirst? That it's OK to have a Colorado cocktail, but not a Dr. Pepper? That's it's OK to bite one's lips, but not to sip fruit juice?

Mayor Bloomberg has certainly confirmed the validity of his induction into the Colonel Benjamin Church Hypocrisy Hall of Shame.

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