Thursday, May 30, 2013

For Some, Electronic Cigarettes are the Only Hope for Life

Last week, I received a stirring testimonial from an ex-smoker who quit smoking using electronic cigarettes. His story is typical of so many similar stories I have heard directly from vapers. I wanted to share it as an example of the way in which these products have given hope to so many people.

The story is that this long-time smoker developed liver cancer and was not allowed onto the transplant list because he was unable to get off of cigarettes. Despite trying the "recommended" therapies, he was just unable to quit. This in spite of the refusal of the medical provider to offer him the potentially life-saving transplant until he is able to successfully quit smoking for a sustained period of time.

Well he tried a product that is not recommended by anti-smoking groups and the FDA: electronic cigarettes. He was finally able to quit successfully and very soon will be put on the transplant list and enabled to receive that life-saving liver.

The Rest of the Story

This is exactly the type of miraculous, hope-filled story that many anti-smoking groups and advocates want to put to an end.

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