Thursday, June 27, 2013

Contest: What is this Anti-Smoking Researcher Up To?

Tuesday, Stan Glantz sent out a one-line note on his announcement list, simply asking if anyone could provide a particular statistic in which he is interested.

Now I think I know my colleague and hero so well that I can guess exactly why he is looking for this  statistic.

So today's Rest of the Story is a contest to see if any of my readers can figure out what Dr. Glantz is up to (in my opinion) and why (in my opinion) he wants this particular statistic.

The announcement was entitled:

"Question about spontaneous unassisted quitting."

His query was as follows:

"I am looking for the one-year successful quit rate for people who quit unassisted. Results from Italy would be especially useful. ... as would supporting citations."

The Rest of the Story

I will review and evaluate all guesses and then later on, provide my answer.
Believe it or not, I think there is an important lesson here regarding the modern-day anti-smoking movement and its tactics.

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