Friday, August 18, 2017

My Testimony for Electronic Cigarette Hearing in Windham, New Hampshire

Attorney Fred Kelly Grant conducted a very nice interview with me regarding electronic cigarettes which will be submitted as testimony for an e-cigarette informational hearing in Windham, New Hampshire. Fred did a great job of asking questions that covered the gamut of important scientific and regulatory issues, so I hope this will be a good resource to provide a solid background on this issue.


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Unknown said...

I love you Dr. Siegel and somewhat don't blame you for doing this, but you are helping people commit fraud by participating in this sham hearing. Perhaps I am being too harsh and they've deluded themselves into believing that "coordination" is anything but the fantasy of an elderly, disbarred attorney. Regardless, this group is going out and trying to fundraise major money. And for what?

Sure, it generates a little bit of publicity, but at what cost? Even Senator Johnson has said that he doesn't believe in the coordination theory. When our opponents lie or give incorrect statements of facts, we criticize and call them out. We should do the same to people claiming to work for our side.

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App said...

I enjoyed your testimony. It's refreshing to hear from someone that has something sane to say, rather than the ignorant fear mongering that is all too often spread by those that have no clue what they are talking about, or just write sensational headlines and stories to get themselves some attention and page views.

Just so you know, government regulations regarding temperature control on devices is unnecessary, to prevent exposure to formaldehyde.

The temperatures required to produce a worrisome amount of formaldehyde is so high, that the cotton wicking starts to burn. And that's where the high levels of formaldehyde is coming from...burning cotton.

And if you were to talk to anyone that vapes, they would tell you, that high of a temperature, that causes their cotton wicking to burn, produces an extremely unpleasant taste, that they will do anything to avoid experiencing. So, it's self-regulating. When your vapor tastes bad, you quickly turn the wattage down, so that you won't experience that horrible taste.

So, the kind of regulations you are talking about is as ridiculous as regulating ovens to only produce low temperatures incapable of cooking food, in an effort to prevent people from eating burnt cookies.

Nobody wants to eat burnt cookies or vape burning cotton., and they will avoid doing both, without any intervention from the government.

The "study" that found the excessive formaldehyde in vapor was so flawed, performed by people that had no idea what they were doing, what it means to vape, or any clue about real world usage of vaping devices. When an attempt was made to duplicate their findings, by those that have actual knowledge about vaping, this was the results:

Furthermore, there is such a variety today in devices and the wattages they are capable of producing, because there is such a difference and variety in the coils available. Some knowledge of Ohm's Law and you will see that the wattage that's good for one type of coil could be too high or too low for another. If a device were to limit the wattage to keep it low, many people wouldn't be able to use the tanks and coils that they want.

To cite examples such as the Vuze or Mark 10 as being acceptable examples of limiting temperatures is to do most vaping devices an injustice. Those are beginner devices targeted at inexperienced people that want to give vaping a try, and frankly they are garbage. Once a person has been vaping for awhile, they will explore other options, and an overwhelming majority will quickly abandon using such low end, inferior beginner devices in favor of devices that give a much better vaping experience.

Limiting people to only those low end inferior type of devices is as bad as banning vaping, outright, since it is the better devices that are a major contributor to the long term success of staying off the cigarettes.

It's like the difference between having a single chocolate chip and a whole candy bar. You can not reasonably expect people to be happy with just a single chocolate chip, or a low end device.

The coils that most experienced vapers use in their higher end devices require a higher wattage to produce any vapor. They don't work at the lower wattages that the inferior beginner devices use.

And just because the wattage is higher, it doesn't mean it is hotter, when used with a coil that has a higher wattage rating. In reality, during use, the temperature will be about the same as the low end devices, but the vapor production and flavor will be much better.

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