Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Will Marijuana Become the Next Juul?

Yesterday, the first recreational marijuana facility opened in Massachusetts. Out of curiosity, I decided to check out its menu of offerings. Although I thought that this ballot initiative was all about allowing adults to use marijuana for recreational purposes, I was surprised to find a menu that is certain to appeal to youth.

The Rest of the Story

Here are some menu items - tell me that they are not going to be appealing to teenagers:

  • Strawberry-flavored chewy bites
  • Large, citrus gummy bears
  • Delectable Belgian dark chocolate bars
  • Assorted fruit-flavored chews
  • Assorted fruit-flavored cubes
  • Raspberry flavored confection
  • Raspberry flavored lozenges
  • Chewy, cocoa caramel bite-sized treats
  • Raspberry & watermelon flavored lozenges
  • Chocolate-chip brownies.”
My point here is that we are in complete hysteria because youth are using flavored e-cigarettes and health agencies want to ban e-cigarettes because they attract youth with gummy bear and cotton candy flavors, yet we are practically encouraging youth to enjoy kid-friendly flavors and varieties of marijuana, doing nothing to address the access of youth to real cigarettes in retail stores, and allowing the unfettered sale and marketing of flavored alcohol products which are used by more high school students than use the Juul and other e-cigarettes combined.

I can drive to a store within 10 miles and get flavored alcoholic beverages, menthol cigarettes, and chewy, cocoa caramel marijuana, but I can't buy a Juul flavor multi-pack to help me quit smoking?

This is public health in 2018?

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