Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Rest of the Story Listed in Top 10 Sources for Health Reform

The Rest of the Story has been chosen as one of the top 10 internet sites related to the issue of reforming health and public health in the U.S.

TopTenSources publishes a "daily 'Top 10' site of the best newsfeeds on the Internet. Each day, our team of editors picks a topic. Then, we find the ten best sources on the Net on that topic that offer news feeds- whether they're blogs, mainstream media, or anybody else publishing great stuff online. We subscribe to their RSS feeds and present them to you in a fresh, new site using our aggregator technology."

The Rest of the Story is now listed (with updated links to the most recent postings daily) under the "Health Reform" category.

Other internet sources listed include the New York Times health section, the journal Health Affairs, MedicineNet, Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Issues, and five other public health blogs: Stayin' Alive, Healthy Blog, The Health Care Blog, Blue Mass. Group, and the MIRACLE Campaign blog.

I've added links to these public health blogs (other than Stayin' Alive, which was already on my list - Congratulations Cervantes!).

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