Wednesday, January 25, 2006

American Journal of Preventive Medicine Erratum About Disclosed Conflict of Interest to be Published

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine issued the following erratum statement, which will be published in the next issue of the journal. This clarifies the fact that the journal erred by not including the conflict of interest disclosure statement provided by Professor Richard Daynard in the article entitled "Applying lessons from tobacco litigation to obesity lawsuits (Alderman J, Daynard RA. Applying lessons from tobacco litigation to obesity lawsuits. Am J Prev Med 2006; 30:82-88):


In the January 2006 (vol 30, number 1) article, Applying Lessons from Tobacco Litigation to Obesity Lawsuits by Jess Alderman, MD, JD, and Richard A. Daynard, JD, PhD, the statement of potential conflict of interest provided to us by Dr. Daynard was inadvertently omitted during the editorial and production process. It should have read as follows:

Dr. Daynard is the unpaid director of the Law and Obesity Project of the Public Health Advocacy Institute (PHAI). It is possible that PHAI will receive more grants if obesity litigation increases. Also, Dr. Daynard has stated that he might become involved with a group of attorneys bringing cases against soda manufacturers to get soda machines removed from schools.

We unreservedly regret this error and accept full responsibility for it.

Kevin Patrick, MD, MS

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