Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Blog Feature: Links to Readers' Blogs and Web Sites

In a long overdue addition to the blog, I've added a new set of links. These are to blogs and web sites of readers of The Rest of the Story. It occurred to me that I should take advantage of the tremendous diversity of readership by highlighting the blogs and sites of my readers. Even just seeing the list of links demonstrates the diversity of the readership (can you have more diversity than listing Bill Godshall and FORCES in the same set of links???)

This is just a start, and inevitably I've left a lot of my readers' blogs and sites off the list (I have only begun the process of trying to include them all). If your site is not on the list and you'd like it to appear, please let me know and I'll add it. In addition, I will continue to add links to readers who include a homepage in their comments on the blog.

I want to note that this does not represent a set of links to all the organizations that read the site. I am only including links to readers who comment on the site and include a home page of their blog or web site.

While I think all of these sites are worth checking out, please take the time today to visit Lynda over at Laurianne's Hope. I just met Lynda in the past few days, as she was thoughtful enough to contribute to the discussion about the Lung Cancer Alliance. And now, I am dedicating this particular blogroll to the memory of her sister, Laurianne.

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