Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Michigan-Ohio State Matchup May Have Less Deception than SmokeFree vs. SmokeLess Ohio

NBC Nightly News revealed last night that petitioners for a SmokeLessOhio-supported ballot initiative are using deception of the public to try to obtain signatures for an initiative that would protect smoking in public places and wipe out local smoking restrictions, all under the guise of protecting nonsmokers.

I have already revealed that SmokeFreeOhio, the chief supporter of the competing initiative which would ban smoking in most public places, is also using deception of the public to promote its initiative. The group is making fallacious scientific claims about secondhand smoke to the public to try to increase the emotional appeal of its message about how terribly and acutely hazardous secondhand smoke is to the masses.

Citizens in Ohio who want to see a battle played out with some integrity and not merely trickery may have to wait until November 18, when the Wolverines and Buckeyes fight it out in Columbus for a possible Big Ten championship. You won't see much deception or many trick plays in that game, just hard-nosed, in-the-trenches football. Maybe someone should take SmokeFreeOhio and SmokeLess Ohio to the game and show them what a battle fought with some integrity looks like.

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