Friday, August 18, 2006

Special Friday Edition: DOJ Tobacco Case Commentaries and Focus on a College Complete Smoking Ban

Today I feature a 3-part commentary on yesterday's DOJ tobacco case ruling by Judge Gladys Kessler of the D.C. District Court. The first part (the bottom-most commentary) provides an overview of the decision and analysis of its overall implications. The second part comments on one anti-smoking group's response to the decision. The third part (the top-most and most recent commentary) comments on the implications of the decision in terms of the actions of former Associate Attorney General Robert McCallum and anti-smoking groups attacks against him for destroying the DOJ's case.

In the midst of these DOJ case commentaries, don't miss the bottom-most post of the day, which addresses the proposal by McHenry County College (Crystal Lake, IL) to ban all tobacco product use on this college campus.

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