Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Colleagues Accuse Me of Working for Big Tobacco and E-Cigarette Industry; Anti-Smoking Advocates Seem Unable to Address Opposing Views Substantively

In response to my suggestion that electronic cigarettes could be helpful to smokers in quitting and my recent op-ed in the New York Daily News in which I strongly support workplace smoking bans but question the need to exaggerate the evidence and distort the science to achieve this goal, I have - in the past few days - been widely accused (publicly) by a number of my anti-smoking colleagues of working for Big Tobacco and for the electronic cigarette industry.

One colleague makes the false allegation that I work for the electronic cigarette industry, stating in a communication to another one of my close colleagues: "Perhaps in fairness you should let your readers know you are a spokesperson for the e-cigarette association."

Another colleague writes: "I have said this before and will repeat it every time you make these ignorant statements. I say ignorant because your "facts," perception and opinions are not based on truth. ... You are the enemy and I do not believe you should be allowed to continue on this listserve."

Some of you have already seen the first comment in response to my op-ed, which states: "Once again the New York Daily News allows a shill for the Tobacco Lobby to spew lies in its rag, what a joke, How much were they paid to allow this "commentary?"

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