Saturday, November 16, 2019

While American Heart Association Claims E-Cigarettes are as Harmful as Smoking, a Clinical Trial Shows Immediate Cardiovascular Improvement After Smokers Switched to E-Cigarettes

Last week, the American Heart Association issued a press release whose headline read: "E-cigarettes take serious toll on heart health, not safer than traditional cigarettes."

But while the American Heart Association was busy disseminating this message throughout the world, the results of an actual clinical trial of this very research question demonstrated the almost immediate improvement in cardiovascular health that occurs when smokers switch to e-cigarettes.

The study compared smokers who switched to e-cigarettes to those who continued to smoke. Endothelial function (a measure of damage to the lining of arteries) and blood vessel stiffness were measured at baseline and after one month. The study reported that: "TC [tobacco cigarette] smokers, particularly females, demonstrate significant improvement in vascular health within 1 month of switching from TC [tobacco cigarettes] to EC [e-cigarettes]. Switching from TC to EC may be considered a harms reduction measure."

The investigators concluded that: "The main findings from this present study are that within 1 month of switching from TC to EC, smokers demonstrate a significant improvement in vascular function. ...
there is an early benefit to vascular function from switching from TC to EC. Within the switching time frame of 1 month, chronic smokers demonstrated significant improvements in vascular endothelial function."

The Rest of the Story

The difference between the hysterical propaganda from the American Heart Association and the hard evidence from this randomized clinical trial is striking. While the American Heart Association is trying to convince the public that there is no difference in cardiovascular health effects between vaping and smoking, this paper provides solid clinical evidence that smokers who switch to e-cigarettes experience an immediate improvement in cardiovascular health.

Why the American Heart Association would want to deter smokers from quitting is beyond my comprehension. And to do that while spreading false information about health risks is irresponsible.

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